Hammar Lifejacket Inflator

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What are the most important things in life?
Some would say trust. You have to put trust in yourself and in others in order to reach your goals, at work or in privacy – ashore as well as at sea.
Despite its small size the Hammar inflator is of huge importance for your lifejacket’s performance – and as trustworthy as gravitation itself. The inflator’s mission is to give your lifejacket full buoyancy when you need it. The automatic Hammar Inflator is equipped with with manual backup: a manual pull-tab, and has some unique features designed to improve your safety. It is in other words made for the very rough conditions at sea.

The Hammar inflator and its inflatable life jackets are developed and tested during the roughest conditions. Tested by the swedish weather to be worn by the very best around the globe, the Hammar Inflator is a small, smart and trustworthy device that provides full assistance when you need it. It is not activated by water, it is activated by you being submerged into the water. A small but ever so important difference.


  •  Smart automatic activation with manual backup
  •  Protection against unintentional activation
  •  Single point indicator: Red = needs replacement. Green = ready for use!
  •  No service requirements for the Hammar inflator for 5 years