logo-bluewave-mediumBlue Wave Communication Marine Services currently a companies started is operations in the year 2008. It was first established in Jakarta, to meet the growing demands of professional services in the field of marine Navigation and Communication Equipment, safety equipment and ancillary services relating to marine craft and equipment, fire fighting and rescue operations, and facility management.

Blue Wave is a specialized company in the supply, installation, integration and service of maritime electronics and is also known as satellite airtime provider. strategically located along all major shipping routes.

Blue Wave represents a wide range of internationally renowned manufacturers and continuously focuses on electronic & functional innovations in Communication, Navigation and Automation equipment. Bluewave is known for its 24-hour service on the spot. Many ship owners around the world use the services of Bluewave to maintain and repair the equipment on board. We has many customers in the international shipping market: deepsea ship owners, coastal & inland shipping, dredging, government & navy, megayacht shipyards, fishery, etc. Bluewave enjoys a high reputation worldwide as an allround maritime electronics specialist slot gacor.