150W Radio Equipment (DSC, NBDP) Desk Type

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  • Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS standard.
  • Adoption of new conceptual SYNTHESIZER technology improves voice quality, no-nosie.
  • Compact size and simplified key and dial enables to operate efficiently.
  • Realization of dual display for NBDP terminal and SRG-3150DN makes it easier to read data.
  • Designed DSC and W/K receiver built-in integrated transceiver.
  • Available rapid scanning for the variation of trnsmitting power, frequencies and channel by group or individual.
  • High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer.
  • Storing up to 100 transmitted message(editable).
  • Storing up to 100 received message. (50 messages for distress and 50 for ordinary)
  • Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance.
  • Speaker built-in. (external speaker : option)