Searchlight Sonar JFP-180BB

Searchlight Sonar
a new 180 kHz searchlight sonar that illuminates the underwater scene with highly reliable scans

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The JFP-180BB new and compactly designed searchlight sonar integrates multiple display modes, which will allow you to control your presentation at your own convenience.

Suiting Your Moment in Time

JRC’s new JFP-180BB searchlight sonar is black box configured as standard, allowing you to select a preferred display size suiting your vessel. JRC’s displays uniformly incorporate a high brightness LCD display, available in 10.4- or 15-inch, ideal for installations on (relative) small commercial fishing vessels. It also integrates a dedicated one-touch day/night key, which provides suitable brightness to the display images, supporting particular time and scene operations.

Continues Searching When Adjusting Tilt Angle

The newly developed JFP-180BB give the user a feature not previously found on this class of sonar. The searchlight sonar will not stop searching when adjusting the tilt angle. This is a very useful tool for enhancing your efficiency of fishing operations and safety of navigation.