GMDSS HX-2000 marine VHF Radio

VHF Radio capable for transmitting and receiving DSC and radiotelephone (class A DSC).
Quick Details

Brand Name: HUAYANG
Model Number: HX-2000
Color: Black

    Model : GMDSS HX-2000

    VHF Radio capable for transmitting and receiving  DSC and radiotelephone (class A DSC)


    • class A DSC
    • GPS
    • Chinese/ English iterface
    • 2 years warranty
    • CCS Certificater
    • IEC61097-3
    • IEC61097-8
    • IEC61097-7
    • IEC60945(2002)
    • ITU-RM493-13

    General requirement: Input is 12DC V (+30/-10%)

     Transmitter section

    1. Transmission power 25W, you can manually select as low as 1W.
    2. Transmissin audio harmonic distortion below 10%.
    3. Audio Response +1/-3dB of +6dB/ octave.
    4. AC Noise below -40dB
    5. The maximm deviation +-5KHz.
    6. Parasitic radiation below0.25 u W.
    7. When current consumption 25W 5A.

     Receiver section

    1. Frequency range:156.025MHz~163.275MHz
    2. The first IF 21.7MHz, the second IF 450KHz.
    3. Noise by 20dB when the maximum available for the snsitivity of ≤0.4u V.
    4. Adjacent channel selectivity ≥ 70dB.
    5. Spurious response suppression ≥ 70dB.
    6. Intermodulation suppression ≥ 68dB.
    7. Spurious emission suppression ≤2nW.
    8.  aximum current consumption of the audio output 0.9A; standby 0.3A.
    9. Audio Response +1/-3dB of +6dB/ octave.
    10. AC Noise ≤ -40dB .
    11. 10% audio distortion when the output power of built-in speaker 2W, external speaker 3.5W.