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Samyung SRG-1150D DN

SRG-1150D/DN, SRG-1250D/DN

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SRG-1150DN/1250DN (DSC, NBDP) MF/HF Radio Equipment, which is designed and developed for medium and long range communications, fully complied with all the requirements of GMDSS that can be installed on both IMO and non-IMO vessel. SRG-1150DN/1250DN(DSC, NBDP), which is intergrated with DSC unit, Direct Digital Synthesizer(DDS) and Noise Blanker Circuit, enables reliable communications and also ease of installation owing to compact and light weight with NBDP function.

GENERAL Frequence range
- TX :1.6~27.5MHz (10Hz STEP)
- RX :500KHz~29.9999MHz (10Hz STEP)
TX/RX channel : ITU channel, 300 memory channel
Frequency tolerance : Within 10HZ
Type of emission : J3E, H3E, F1B
Operation : Simplex & Semi-duplex
Ambient temperature & Humidity : -15℃~+55℃, 95%
Power supply : DC24V±15%
- (2.5A at Reception, 15A at Transmittion / SRG-1150DN)
- (2.5A at Reception, 25A at Transmittion / SRG-1250DN)
DSC WATCH KEEPING RECEIVER Frequency : 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5KHz
Type of emission : F1B
Frequency shift keying
: 1700±85Hz (Mark: 1615Hz, Space: 1785Hz)
Data transfer speed : 100 baud
Frequency tolerance : 10Hz
TRANSMITTER Type of emission and output
- J3E(150W), F1B(100W), H3E(75W) : SRG-1150DN
- J3E(250W), F1B(150W), H3E(75W) : SRG-1250DN
Modulation : Low level balanced
Occupied bandwidth : Within J3E(3KHz), F1B(0.5KHz)
Two-tone distress signal : 1300, 2100Hz
Receiver Sensitivity : J3E 3uV, F1B 3uV, H3E 6uV, S/N 20dB 100m/w
Intermediate frequency : 49.455MHz, 455KHz
Overall distortion and noise : More than 20dB
Input impedance : 50
NBDP Protocol : 625, 476-4, 490, 491, 492-3 & F130 by CCIR
Communication mode : ARQ, CFEC, SFEC
Memory : 16M
Middle range of frequency : 1700 Hz
Modulation speed : 100 BAUD(ARQ, FEC MODE)
Type of modulation : AFSK
Frequency tolerance : Within 0.5Hz