May 16

GMDSS HX-2000 marine VHF Radio

VHF Radio capable for transmitting and receiving DSC and radiotelephone (class A DSC). Quick Details Brand Name: HUAYANG Model Number: HX-2000 Color: Black→ Read more

May 16

Portable Two-way VHF Radio



  • Talk range : 5~10km
  • Type: Handheld
  • Wteproof: yes
  • One touch access
  • CCS Certificater
  • IEC61097-12
  • IEC60945(2002)
  • MSC.149(77)

General requirements

  • Power is 7.4 DC V.
  • Channel complied with provisions of the radio regulations appendix 18.
  • Able to work on single and dual-frequency.
  • Able to use voice for distress, urgency, safety, and public service communication.
  • Line with GMDSS requirements for marine radio communication equipment technology.
  • “16” channel for the red button to help the indeoendent channel.
  • Technical requirements based on: IMOA.809 (19), GB5304-94, IEC61097-12 , MSC.149(77) .
  • There shoud be consistant wiht the external device A.809(19) Annex 1, the provisions of section 13 of this label.

Apr 30

SRC CTW 100 two-way VHF radio telephone

SRC CTW 100 two-way VHF radio telephone→ Read more